How To Earn Money On Safelinku Easily

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh.
Spideystore.Com - How To Earn Money On Safelinku | Hello my friends, welcome to my blog. Hopefully you guys don't get bored with me hehehe and hopefully you guys always healthy. In this opportunity I will share How To Earn Money On Safelinku.

How To Earn Money On Safelinku

What is it "safelinku" ?

Safelinku is the website of shorten links and her pay dearly , of proven pay to members that be a member to and start working with the site safelinku.

How do I and began working with safelinku ?

Before you worked with safelinku, you must have an account safelinku, please click the url below to create your safelinku account.
How To Create A Safelinku Account
If you create an account on safelinku, let's see what are the advantages of safelinku :

Creating An Account Is Very Easy To Safelinku
Usually pay sites with a high CPM, they wont be difficult for blogs or websites with thousands of page view in order to work together. But you guys don't have to worry because safelinku has no special requirements for admission.

Have A Referral System
Safelinku also has a referral system of referral is where you guys bring the people on the site website safelinku with the referral code you guys. If you guys managed to invite others join then it will get a bonus that is gaining a Commission of 15%-20% of the income of the person in the Act by you guys.

CPM (Cost Per Mille) Highest
The website safelinku has a CPM (Cost per mille) greater than shorten website url link other, certainly the withdrawal safelinku is also faster and certainly paid.

Withdrawal Process Easier
The question of the withdrawal process or pay out the payoff easier and faster, any pay out the minimum top up is only $5 only. And will be paid or transferred on 20-25 of the friend of the blogger. To dilute the results of exertion you guys at safelinku can choose via a local bank account, paypal and via pulse. Very fun isn't it?

Notice: If you want to join and willing to cooperate with the safelinku site, you must register in advance at safelinku.

That's the How To Earn Money On Safelinku from me. Many of the more or less his I'm sorry because that had a advantages of just sheer Lord Almighty.
Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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